I’ve been slammed lately with work, but can’t update some of it until it publishes. Last week I shot portraits of a professional hockey player for the DMN and later in the week a runner who was hit by a truck 2 years only to fully recover and continue to run. Both great shoots with outstanding people. This weekend I was flown to El Paso by MAP, a political strategy firm, to shoot Texas Senator candidate Jose Rodriguez. It was whirlwind trip that encompassed an early flight, an all day shoot at 7 locations, an outstanding steak dinner, budding professional relationships, bomb promo photos and “good coffee.”

These serious photographs are on the way, but in the mean time check out these snaps:

Some of the crew of dudes came back in town recently and we headed out to the lake for some R & R which included shooting a bow and arrow. I never hit the target, but my target was folded can on top of a carpet. Good times all around and a beautiful place even in winter during a drought.

Frost on Maria’s car in winter. It hit 17 degrees this January and that’s very cold for Austin.

Maria’s dog Winnie demonstrates her sitting skills while sporting a French inspired bandana ensemble fresh from the grooomer’s.

Nate Biggs clipping a quickdraw on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure at the Great Wall on the Greenbelt. This ran about 5 columns wide on the front of the Life & Arts section in the AAS to compliment Pam Leblanc’s story about the climbing scene in the greenbelt. Doing the climbs I regularly do with 2 or 3 lenses, a camera body, a flash and a flash transmitter makes them much more challenging. The climbers are a great group of people that were patient and accomodating to Pam and I, thanks!

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