I returned from a month long, 500 mile walk last Thursday and have a lot of stories and photographs to share. In the meantime, watch these videos…

The first comes from my New York based filmmaker friend Willi Patton, who is seeking support for his next project. His previous film, The Big Fiddle, was a half hour project that made its debut and was very well received in March at the SXSW film festival.


This is a video MAP produced with my photographs for prospective Texas Senator Jose Rodriguez. We shot the photos in January and the video ran for a week locally in El Paso. I thought it was pretty unique to have a television commercial made up of only still photos. The MAP crew was really excited when they saw the photos and came up with the idea for the 30 second spot. Check it out:


Stay tuned for more updates with photos of recent work and snaps from el Camino.

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