I’m back in Austin and finally found time to edit through and update my archive with photos from my recent trip to Spain. Four friends and I hiked about 500 miles in 25 days from San Sebastien to Santiago de Compostela in June. We did the Northern route and primitive section of the trail, which is regarded as the most challenging and oldest of all the St. James Way trails.

The weather was up and very down. The first week was perfect, it rained so much the second week that it caused a 100 year flood in Asturias and the last 2 weeks were fairly hot. Overall the trip was a lot of fun and was a good time with friends. We passed through small towns nearly everyday to collect food and indulge in cafe con leche, but maintained a renegade camino by camping in forests or fields half the time. Mostly when it was not raining.

These are some of my favorite photographs from the trip:

You can see whole set of photos from the Camino de Santiago in the archive. There is also a gallery featuring Spanish dogs that warmly welcomed us to the Spanish country side.

As I’m now back in Austin please stay tuned for more regular updates, including a recent trip I took to Tulsa for a new client!

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