At the end of March I had the pleasure of working with ICIS, an international trade magazine that focuses it’s energy and resources on the petrochemical industry. They were coming to Texas (with a very large staff) to cover the NPRA conference. It is like the SXSW for their industry – lots of boozing, dinners, handshakes and meetings in the lobby bar. My friend and colleague, Ruth Liao, referred me to her coworker, John Baker, in London who was searching for a Texas photographer to cover the San Antonio photo shoot. They found me, an Austin photographer, to shoot the still images for ICIS’ interactive online and print magazine. The magazine has a slideshow of photographs between pages 12 and 13 from the event. I thought the results were very exciting and interesting to see the possibilities of a digital magazine that can incorporate many platforms of visual presentation.The shoot was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about the foundation of the materials for the products we use daily. A highlight was photographing Stephen Dubner, co-author Freakonomics, who spoke eloquently about the principles of business based on statistics. In the end, they were happy with the results and pleased to be working with a Texas photojournalist.

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