Just got back from a photography shoot I did yesterday in Houston for National Public Radio. One of the survivors from the Gulf oil rig explosion gave an interview to NPR reporter Joe Shapiro and in cooperation with Newshour and their attorneys. More on this story tomorrow…

In the mean time… style:

Last month I met Ashley Chiles and made some photographs of her for the Statesman’s Glossy style magazine. Chiles co-founded the Texas Huntress, a tv mini series about 3 women who globetrot, shoot to kill and then have the kill prepared for them by a well known chef.

We had time to do a few different sets with mixed lighting opportunities at Laguna Gloria in Austin. Marques Harper did an outstanding job assisting with the styling and working with Chiles to make the shoe fit. Thanks Marques!

It’s ironic how the image we shot on the fly for fun in ambient light go the cover, but perfect for just that reason.

Brad Bourland lives in Lakeway and has compiled a list of nearly 10,000 english language films and ranked them based on public opinion and polling. The Times did a story on him and I shot some photos in front of his sisters home.

Ed Marcotte is starving cells to find links to genes that respond to drugs to cure cancer… capiche? He’s really smart and works at the University of Texas with other bio researchers and a lot of graduate students. The Times ran a last minute story on him and the project. They have a secret lab full of frogs that they draw embryos from for their research. Good luck with you’re research!

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