A few weeks ago the New York Times hired me to shoot portraits of Ms. Crawford, the Texas Securities Commissioner, for a special business section. It was a successful shoot, but a challenge to work in her triangular office that was filled with awards and lots of work. I learned a lot about how big business is done and regulated during my time with her and was thankful for her patience and commitment to helping me make a photo.

She has an impressive resume, as she has been working with the Securities Commission for over 20 years. I was really enamored with the quilt she had hanging on the wall; her grandmother and her sisters made it many years ago. I was happy I could work it into the shot, I think it says something about taking pride in your personal/Texas history. The view from her office was outstanding, right across the street from the Capitol, so she can keep a good eye on the Leg. Here is a link to the NYT story.

Another tragedy hit Austin this week as a man, Joseph Stack, flew his plane into an IRS office building in a fit of rage. I covered the first day for Reuters and the second day for Getty. You can find links to some of my work from the tragic event to the right on in the recently published area.

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