Recently, I went to Cape Cod with my girlfriend Maria to ‘get away’ for her birthday. I was coming from Las Vegas and she had spent a week in New York City with her sisters, so we were looking to find a peaceful place to decompress. We decided Wellfleet would be a nice place to stay and luckily found an available cabin at Chez Sven’s bed and breakfast in the forest of the National Seashore.

The Atlantic Ocean was cold and crashing on one side, while the bay was calm and full of wild life on the other side of the cape. In between were countless freshwater ponds, one of which we sought during our stay. Very few people were there the week before the Labor Day holiday and the natural serenity and preserved scenery were perfect for us.

So perfect, I made a video capturing our time there:

As it turns out Cape Cod’s ponds have been logged, charted, preserved and written about by many including Henry David Thoreau and even the New York Times.

A still image from Dyer Pond.

Flora on the bay side of Cape Cod.

A lifeguard stand on the Atlantic side of Cape Cod where Thoreau walked years ago.

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