As 2009 came to a close I work really picked up. These last few photos came from some of my last assignments of 2009.

Freelance writer Michael Hoinski and I, as well as our significant others Kathy and Maria, went down to Gruene for a Saturday evening with Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis. The top portrait of the couple landed on the cover of the Statesman’s 360 weekly special section and the bottom photo of Robison’s very cool merchandise manager Gary sharing a dance with a stranger ran inside the special section. I think they ran 7 photos from the shoot!

This group of women formed a cabaret group called Carousel and gets hired to dance at various events and performs shows around Austin. It got the crowd moving at the Movember Gala, a mustache party to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

The Euless Trinity football team won the 5a state championship defeating my high school rival Westlake in San Antonio. The game went into overtime and was decided by a lob pass to the corner of the end zone. The Morning News ran the catch photo inside pretty large. However, I had a great time shooting the Haka dance they performed before/after the game. The dance is similar to that of the New Zealand All Blacks if you watch rugby and was lead by the Tongans that make up about a third of the team. I found it interesting to see a large immigrant group unite with Texans on the football field to win State.

Stay posted for more posts as more photos are on the way.

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