I’m preparing to shoot a portrait project on the no longer produced but highly revered type 55 positive/negative film from Polaroid. I decided it would be a good idea to test the film with my Polaroid back, a Toyo view 4×5 camera and sync it to my Profoto lighting kit. This is my friend Eric Powell who has had some interesting and difficult life experiences recently, but has found himself in a good place going to school with a bright future. I’ve wanted to shoot some of his life story as it unfolded and was happy to make the first step with a b/w portrait while we were hanging out.

These are 2 of the positives from the 4 that I shot last week. Overall I was very pleased with the look of the images and the toning. I think a different lens in the future could be more effective.

My friend Drew recently moved back to Austin from Washington DC where he and his girlfriend have been hanging on to this newspaper clipping for almost a year. Thanks! It gives me a confusing mix of emotions to see the paper and these images again, but I’m definitely happy to have this clip in physical form and my friends back in town.

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