I shot 2 stories for the NYT health section and they both published recently. The first was an audio slide show for a special online only section about living with autism. I met Ann and her 24 year old son John at their home in Northwest Austin recording a phone interview and shooting all after noon. It was an enriching experience for me and I enjoyed spending time with the Harts. Although it wasn’t published my favorite photo from the shoot is above. John was very curious about my camera and continued to touch it as I was taking photographs. You can see the audio slideshow along with others from photographers around the country here.

A few weeks back I photographed Sarah Lynch at her parents home in the Dove Springs neighborhood of Austin. She needs health insurance to afford her medication for her bipolar disorder but was recently dropped under a pre-existing condition clause. Hopefully Obama care will get her back under the umbrella. I spent a lot of time with her listening to her story and askign her questions. I wanted to get away from a standard portrait of a person looking seriously at the camera. So i tried to be a bit more exploratory with her. The light in the backyard took my interest and I tried to work with it. You can read the story here.

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