Last Friday two of the University of Texas’ most prominent athletes tied the knot in Austin. I was asked to cover the wedding, reception and after party for the New York Times vows section. Its kind of like the 27 dresses movie from what I hear.

The wedding was a luxurious, high energy and highly produced event. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun. My editor made it clear before the event “you are not a wedding photographer, you’re a journalist.” There were 5 total photographers, and 2 video crews, one was from platinum weddings. I couldn’t keep track of how many stylists and planners were running around.

It was however very interesting for me to watch the other photographers work and frantically record every minuscule detail of the wedding. It gave me a unique view into how we all approach different events or assignments. I didn’t feel like it was necessary to compete with the other photographers for “the shot,” and I think that removed a massive amount of pressure and expectation. I photographed with open eyes if you will. You can see the 12 image slideshow here or pick up this Sunday’s NYT for $5 anywhere.

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