I’m back in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi where I road out Hurricane Katrina 4 years ago August 29, 2005. I felt it was time to return to where a major event in my life took place and reconnect with the people who were at the emergency operations center with me. Although, I’ve been back previously, I feel that our story goes untold.

My goal is to photograph all of the people that were there in order to compile a photo story for next years’ anniversary. I’m also trying to compile footage and shoot interviews for a documentary that will tell our story. So far I’ve photographed 2 of 35 or so people and have a long way to go in collection information and finding those who have relocated. But it has been a rewarding experience thus far. This morning after photographing Brice Phillips, radio guru, I was interviewed on the radio about coming back to the community by Wade Hicks, former BSL firefighter.

I’ll update a peak at some photos from the project soon.

On my way to the Bay I stopped for an evening in New Orleans and met with gallery owner/curator Ken Capone at Coup d’Oeil (catch the eye) on Magazine St. He was excited about my silver gelatin prints, especially from the 100th anniversary of Zulu, and wants to hang 4 prints temporarily with the possibility of a show in the future.

That evening I went to dinner with my family friend Wade Welch at Frankie and Johnnie’s, a NOLa tradition, for the first time. Thanks!

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