New York City Day 1I took a morning flight on Southwest Airlines to New York City and luckily got a window seat in the gold rush that is open seating when boarding. I was able to do one of my favorite things when flying to New York – shoot the city skyline. You can see the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges in the left frame from Brooklyn into Manhattan and the East River separating Manhattan and Queens in the right frame. I planned this trip as a “promo” trip to have meetings with editors at magazines I want to work for, but generally found the pulse of the city, photography/art exhibits and film screenings, as well as the meetings inspirational.The evening I arrived one of my friend-hosts, Drew Anthony Smith aka DAS, was planning on hiking up to Fort Greene (Brooklyn) to check out the annual Phil Collins parade. It was Against All Odds after my flight, but he said Come With Me and it was really In the Air Tonight. This snap is the Phil Collins mobile parallel parking upon arrival at the destination bar. I was really tired at this point – but rallied to attend an Eddie Adams social at the Lakeside Lounge in Manhattan. This is when I lost my MTA card – bummertown.We made friends with Gabi Herman, 2nd from left in photo booth images, and commenced a themed image photo shoot in the photo booth. From left to right, its Drew, Gabi, me and Joe – good times!Big thanks to my amigos Drew, Joe and Jordan for putting me up for 10 days and running around New York City with me like a tourist hailing a cab in Times Square.

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