Saturday National Public sent me to Houston to photograph Chris Choy with his wife Monica and their attorney Steve Gordon. NPR partnered with PBS Newhour to do an exclusive radio-tv interview with reporter Joe Shapiro. The PBS Newshour video shows Chris and Monica telling their tragic and gripping story.

A few different portraits have accompanied the first and second NPR stories, but I had a few hours to make photos and listen to Choy’s story. I felt like it was important for me to put my camera down at times and just listen to what he had to say and try to relate to him as a human, not just a subject to point my camera at. I feel that when a reporter or photographer takes a genuine interest in the people he/she surrounds himself with rather than just doing their job, the work they create with that person will transcend the person’s experience. Sacrificing one’s own personal interests isn’t routine for any body, but I think it proves instrumental in good journalism when trying to tell a story that is difficult to understand and out of a normal person’s comprehension.

I hope this commitment to people’s stories gives viewers a better understanding of what is taking place around them.

Photographs of the Choys in the archive and a few of my favorite images from the hours I with the Choys:

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