I shot these promotional photos for Texas Senate Candidate Jose Rodriguez back in January in El Paso. The political marketing strategy firm MAP hired me to photograph Rodriguez in a documentary-portrait style to show him as a well rounded candidate to represent El Paso.

We shot all day long, but were rewarded with a steak dinner in the end. I’m happy with how the photos were used on full page spreads and I think the client/candidate were pleased too.

Today I was in the darkroom for the first time in a few months processing some film I shot on a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye my sister gave year a few years ago. Turns out it works and works well. I also processed the first roll of film from Mark and Annie’s wedding almost a year ago, yikes! It looks real sharp. The excitement of seeing film turn into photos after taking it out of the chemicals never goes away.

Stay posted for more snaps.

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