These are some recent images I shot over the past two months that got lost in the shuffle. Above, Lia Ices was kind enough to pose for me before her showcase at Red7 during SxSW. There was some interesting light and a nicely painted wall so seemed perfect for a ‘docu-portrait.’ Doesn’t hurt that she knows how to pose. Her music was wonderful also, please have a listen — I am listening to her newest album Grown Unknown online as I write this post.Below is Austinite Jamie Schanbaum who was infected with Meningococcal Meningitis during her sophomore year of college at the University of Texas. She is now 22 and has rebounded to re-enroll at UT. She is also a really good cyclist and has a specially designed bike from the crew at Bicycle Sport Shop here in Austin. Although she has gotten a lot of press, the Dallas Morning News did a column about her attempts to garner support for a bill that would require students to get vaccinated when living in on campus and off campus dorms. Although we made some really nice pictures of Jamie on her bike and with her mom, I wanted to see what regular daily life events were like for her. I set up some lighting in her room to make another ‘docu-portrait’ of Jamie putting on make up and getting ready for the day.  I thought it would be nice to give these photos a home on my blog – enjoy!In other news, please go see my Serenity series about Harris family at FeatureShoot. Big thanks to Alison for publishing the work and being so supportive of creative artists everywhere.Additionally, please go to F8 magazine to download or view online the outstanding work by Spain’s great son Miguel Moya who also published work from the Serenity series. Thanks Miguel — great issue!

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