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Besides the fact that Mark has inspired thousands of photographers and photography fans, he’s personally a respectful, intelligent person. He has quickly taken down any and every post anyone has ever contacted him about. His blog is massive (thousands of posts) and popular, so it is inevitable that he will get a few complaints a year.

Tumblr needs to restore Mark’s blog not only because it’s one of the best resources for photography on the internet, not because Mark has personally poured so many hours into it, but because why should anyone else use Tumblr as a serious platform, if this might be the result? As I wrote two years ago, Tumblr still has no backupAnything you make here can be deleted without warning.

Mark’s blog was a huge source of inspiration (and links) for Issue Three. I mentioned his blog in my opening essay to the book, it really was wonderful.

Photographers who are unhappy with their work being posted on blogs (especially those who give detailed credit) should approach those bloggers personally. We are not unknown to taking down posts by request. Going for a DMCA takedown is uncalled for. It is also up to the Tumblr staff to take a more sensitive approach than the simplistic 3-strike rule they currently have instated.

I’m sure that if all our voices are heard, Mark’s blog will be reinstated. The photography community needs spaces like his.

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