Andy Mapple, 6 time world champion slalom water skier, was one of the most friendly and accommodating professional athletes I’ve worked with. He did an instructional camp at a ski ranch near San Marcos when I photographed him for the Statesman. I’m glad I was available for this assignment.

I’m still near Taos, NM waiting on the Harris third child to arrive and I’ve learned birth is totally unpredictable. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in their company and have the privilege to spend over a week in their new home. They’ve made massive steps in living sustainably and finding peace with the world and themselves as a “semi off the grid family.” It has been pretty amazing to have witnessed this family’s progression over the last two years.

Don’t forget Slideluck Potshow is Saturday the 21st at the Shangri-La on East 6th st. in Austin. One Week from today! What dish are you bringing?

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