Since I got back to Austin 10 days ago I’ve kept myself busy with freelance jobs, editing, archiving and climbing. I’ve found a lot of photos of no particular theme that I made back in May. Check it out…

Mom with Teddy the cat sporting his lion inspired summer fur cut.

The Texas Capitol’s North facing rotunda.

Mom’s suburban backyard featuring Teddy in the window.


Brandon Wilde of Austin Multimedia Group during a shoot for Active Life at the Dell Foundation in Westlake. I helped Wilde shoot a tv spot for the non profit that promotes fitness through its programs. We used the 5d mk II with an ican screen in the hotshoe, a beachtek audio preamp with boom mics, arri lights, and a teleprompter for the interviewees. Worked fluidly and was a lot of fun to shoot.

The best bbq in Texas from Cooper’s in Llano!

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