The circus that is SXSW has come back to Austin and I’m in the middle of it. Before I upload a photo of psychadelic hipsters, over hyped rock stars and the fashionista poseurs that infiltrate our city for 2 weeks every year preaching what is now ‘cool,’ I’m posting some SNAPS of life over the last month. Enjoy and stay posted for an update shortly!

The Justman farm in Colorado

Campfire in Pease Park with friends

Austin’s favorite bird, the grackle

The Black Canyon, Colorado

A slice of Palo Duro Canyon, Texas at dusk. If you’re a Texan you must go here before you die

The rouge waves in a water crossing at Palo Duro

The watch tower at Palo Duro

What else do you do to kill time when driving through snow at 10mph?

The famed 72oz steak challenge at The Big Texas Steak Ranch in Amarillo. The guy on the left finished his.

A birthday song, “Amarillo by Sundown,” for the jovial man on the left who’s hat reads “these colors don’t run.”

Back in Austin at the 87th annual kite festival in Zilker Park. The neighborliness of Austin.

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