On a Friday in Seattle the trains were full, rental cars to expensive, and planes ridiculous… so we took a 2 buses to Portland traveling a total of 7 hours.

Portland is an outstanding city. Cycling proves a popular and acceptable form of transportation, so i bought a bike for $10 at a garage sale and rented another bike (above) for $20 for the weekend from a dude named Charlie near Tiny’s coffeehouse at 12th and Hawthorne.

Maria’s friends’ (above) wedding included a bike parade through downtown Portland, ending at the ACE hotel where Indian food was consumed after ceremonies and pie (with our plastic bride and groom) for desert. Melissa and Drew had a typewriter for guests to write well wishes, a toast with homebrew beer and an old fashioned photo booth. Congratulations on the most unique and well done urban wedding I’ve ever attended

Thanks to Jason and Claire for being gracious hosts. I hope you got the bike Jason!

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