About a month ago I photographed Brent Krahn for the Dallas Morning News for a story Mike Brick was working on about his career. 9 years ago Krahn was selected very high as a goalie in the NHL draft and now he is playing in Cedar Park after being moved and traded as well as plagued by injury. Krahn is a great guy and the story ran this past Sunday in the DMN, you can find the link to the right.

I met him at the Cedar Park Center and photographed him on ice with lighting in multiple set ups and then outside on a berm of grass in a few different sets as well. He gave me a lot of time and his patience were outstanding. That same day I met his family and photographed them at their home to see the inside life of a professional hockey player. It was a lot of fun and very interesting to see how people’s lively hoods revolve around talent and athletic ability.

Below are the pages from the DMN that Chris sent me, thanks! Additionally some other photographs I liked from the shoot.

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