Last week I drove to College Station to meet and photograph Texas A&M basketball player Derrick Roland for the Dallas Morning News. Roland key senior for the Aggies, but unfortunately suffered a horrific injury while playing against Washington in December. He was very well composed and sincere while we shot and had a lot of patience to shoot in multiple locations doing different set ups and positions. We even compared our college sports injuries – me: concussions, torn shoulder ligiments; him: torn shoulder ligiment, broken fibula and tibula, broken patela (high school). After shooting I watched the footage and thought it was remarkable how resilient his character was after a traumatic event like this.

It seems that his career could be over at this point, but he has decided to stick around TAMU for a medical red shirt season and play as a senior next year. He also mentioned coaching wouldn’t be a bad thing at some point. I hope things work out for him. You can read the story here.

So this all came full circle when the San Antonio Express-News called that same afternoon asking if I was available Saturday to shoot the game between Tamu and presently No. 1 ranked Texas in Austin. In fact I was getting a coffee still in College Station when they called, odd. The game was very intense and scrappy. Texas didn’t play 100% and Tamu came out “punching them in the mouth,” according to Texas’ Damion James.

I don’t routinely shoot a lot of games like this, but really had a great time and was able to really turn all my energy to what was happening on the court to make some snaps. I feel like I shot well and filed quickly. It went into overtime and Texas barely pulled on out the W. You can read the Express-News story here.

Thanks Lisa for emailing me this clip!

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