On Saturday Maria and I went to an art opening at Thunderbird coffee on Manor rd. featuring my logo designer and friend Maseman. We bought a few pieces of his work, which is awesome and had a great time hanging out with friends. He’s been working recently with wood, paint and other mixed media recently that has really taken it beyond a 2 dimensional canvas level. Above are 2 of his ‘little men’ in our kitchen going on a nature hike.

Guy at the show who looks like Conan O’Brien.

This is my friend since childhood Eric Powell, looking good in some new frames and a healthy polished smile.

An assumed installation of painted high heels hanging on electric wires above Thunderbird Coffee.

Mi novia, Maria, back lit and camera shy.

Flower with sunglasses on table at Maseman’s show.

Snap at Rio Rita.

Big thanks to the Drews… First, my web designer, Drew Teiken, above in a self portrait with Blar modifications for making some crucial changes to my photography website and new photoshelter online archive.

Secondly to NYC based photographer Drew Anthony Smith who has been making epic snaps and recently visited Washington for a wedding some cherry pie. I’ve been watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks tv series to celebrate its recent 20 year anniversary. If you don’t know TP is credited for changing prime time dramatic television series that we watch today. Its kind of like a good soap opera, but not.

The Texas State Capitol.

Congress Avenue.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I gave a private photography lesson to James, a photographer from New York who mostly shoots fine art in a controlled studio. He is trying to diversify his photography abilities and wanted learn about using his flash in different lighting situations for an event he has coming up. We talked and went over switches, dials and numbers for an hour or so and then walked around downtown Austin and made some snaps.

As a result of all the hubbub in DC regarding health care bills I’ve had many opportunities to shoot health care related stories. Above is a lit portrait I did to illustrate uninsured people who sustain injuries participating in recreational activities. Makes you think twice before you go skateboarding or rock climbing… I had the fortunate opportunity to work with stylist Robert E. Lee to make this image happen. He has a history of working in specialized make up for horror and action films. Pretty realistic stuff huh?

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