Welcome to the new Blar at bensklar.com. I hope you all found your way here and continue to follow my posts, updates and photos. I’ve been hanging on to a library of images ready to upload awaiting the launch of the new blog and website. These photographs are from the time I spent in Los Angeles during Christmas – vertical views from Venice Beach. The weather was overcast and inspired me to take pictures of my surroundings. After driving for days taking pictures was really nice.Most of January has been consumed with the new – logo, website, blog, mailers, cards, booklets, emails and planning a trip to NYC. A few nice shoots have come and gone. I recently finished a short film with GSDM video producer T.Crelia and have started production on other video productions – stay tuned.I have to thanks photo consultant Jasmine DeFoore for her influence, opinion and input to this whole production, it wouldn’t have been done as well without her. Also, my web guru Drew Tieken deserves a big thanks and round of applause, this is his baby as much as mine.

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