If you haven’t heard Black and Gold in the Superbowl, please have a listen... Geaux Saints!

There couldn’t have been a better weekend to be in New Orleans. The opening reception at The Darkroom went very well. First off, I owe a big thanks to crew that made it happen Charles, Danielle and Cameron from the gallery, and my mom and Maria for their helpful opinions and culinary skills! There were so many small logistical issues that I never thought of encountering that the support crew really had a handle on, I couldn’t have done it without them.

As we were competing with the Superbowl, Mardi Gras, freezing weather and a heated Mayor and local election I’d say we still did pretty well. We didn’t get a huge draw unfortunately, but we had a great time and met some good folks who came to see the show. My friends Austin, Julian and Adam came and brought friends, who were great to see. In the end, one print sold from the evening and a bundle of hand stitched books. Having a red dot next to one of my photographs is a memorable experience that really made me feel honored and humbled. It’s such a privilege to think that some one wants my work on their walls. Here are some snaps from the event:

The show with vinyl letters.

Maria, me and my mom.

Gurus Danielle and Cameron.


The Saints won the Super Bowl and overall Sunday was a lot of fun:

Rue Bourbon before the game.

A local farmer holding a goat.

Jean Lafitte’s, oldest bar in New Orleans.

Juice, left, getting crazy with Saints fans after the win.

Saints fans celebrating in traffic on Poydras.

Juice screaming from Austin’s car.

S-A-I-N-T-S spelled on hotel on St. Charles circle.

Drew getting Breesy hoisting the trophy.

Austin during the game working his angles.

Monday afternoon a fan celebrating while driving on I-10 out of Nola.

A gas station I thought was cool near Breaux Bridge.

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